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The website Wirtschafts-Service-Portal.NRW simplifies the formalities surrounding your business activities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, you can register, re-register and deregister digitally.

In addition, aside important forms and contact details, you will also find information about the economy in North Rhine-Westphalia.

At the heart of this is the "Business Service" area, which contains answers to many questions about registering your business and regarding registering your business electronically. To use the digital registration service, you only have to register once. In the "My Applications" section, you can log in any time subsequently, manage your applications and even re-register or deregister your business.


Other areas of the portal:

  • Economy: Here, the portal contains information about the legal basis of running a business and provides an overview of registers, directories and chambers. In this section you will also find current news about the economy in NRW.
  • EA NRW: The single point of contact (EA) is an online service for service providers and professionals from Germany and abroad. It offers support with different formal processes.
  • Professional recognition: For professionals who want to work in Germany. Here you will find all the necessary information regarding getting your qualifications recognized.
  • Contact finder: With this tool you can find forms, contact details and much more.

The "Guido" chat bot can help

If you get stuck, the "Guido” chat box will help you.