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The most important planning tool to get your start-up off the ground is the business plan. As well as scheduling payments and facts, it is worth taking account of your own personal background and individual preferences.

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Starting point

The starting point from which people make a decision to set up their own business can be as different as the individuals themselves. No matter where you come from or where you are: we show you the features of various reasons the starting up a business and advise you as you embark upon your route to self-employment.

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Start-up types

There are various ways to establish a self-employed existence. Your personality and way of working will determine what is right for you. Because the framework that you choose for your self-employment will determine your future working life considerably. The key start-up types are listed below.

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Legal forms

With the business type, you are giving your business a fixed framework and providing governance on key issues regarding ownership, risk-sharing and liability. At the same time, the legal form of a business affects the administrative process - both when it comes to setting up the business and the legal obligation to keep records - and taxation.

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Business plan

If you want to convince banks and investors of your business idea, you need a business plan. Your business plan is like your company’s business card.

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Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a tool, conceived by the Swiss entrepreneur Alexander Osterwalder, that helps you to visualise your business model and (further) develop your business ideas.

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