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Business idea

Whether you have been mulling over an idea for ages or have come up with a brand-new idea or are adopting an existing idea: the first thing that’s always needed is a critical assessment of feasibility and profitability.

Develop your own ideas

In the quest for your business idea, you can start by giving free rein to your imagination. For example, outline a few business ideas with your friends and follow the ones that you would enjoy doing, the ones that you would be willing to try and the ones that you can do well. But don’t forget to keep your future customers in mind: who is willing and able to spend money on your products or services?

Be critical in your assessment of whether your business idea really can be successfully implemented. An objective market analysis will quickly help you to establish whether your idea really is different from what is already on offer and how many competitors are already competing on the market with similar offers. Are there enough customers willing to pay for your offer so that you can make a profit? You will find the necessary industry information in various places, including the STARTERCENTER NRW, local chambers and trade associations, as well as banks and savings banks.

Quote Gülcan Urul, Qualified Optician
Gülcan Urul

You start with a business idea. It doesn’t even need to be that unusual. It’s more important to have a well thought-out concept. Which is why you go to the STARTERCENTER NRW.

- Gülcan Urul, Qualified Optician

Alternatives: franchise or business succession

You don’t always need your own business idea. Franchise schemes can help you to become self-employed, even if you don’t have your own business idea. Or you can take over the running of a successful company that is seeking a successor in the wake of a generation change. Further information is available here: Types of start-up.