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When launching any start-up project, good preparation is the key to success. This involves gathering information, taking note of advice and, not least, conducting your own realistic and honest self-assessment.

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All start-up plans begin with taking a serious look at your personal characteristics and technical or professional qualifications. Because setting up and being responsible for running your own business is demanding.

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First steps

Any business start-up begins with systematic planning. Find out as much as you can about self-employment right at the start.

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Business idea

Whether you have been mulling over an idea for ages or have come up with a brand-new idea or are adopting an existing idea: the first thing that’s always needed is a critical assessment of feasibility and profitability.

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When setting up any business, there is also always the risk of failure. To minimise this risk, you can learn from the experiences of others who have set up in business before you, whether they have succeeded or failed.

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