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Authorities and administrative affairs, registrations, form-filling- you will be faced with a number of formalities as part of setting up a business, as well as later on when you are established.

The BMWi-Behördenwegweiser helps you with questions such as:

  • Which authorities and agencies do you need to seek out?
  • Which ones are responsible for you and your location?
  • Which forms will you need?
  • What costs and fees will you need to pay?
  • What tax will you need to pay?
  • Which insurances would be useful to provide adequate protection for you and your business?
  • Which laws and regulations apply to your start-up project?

Tip: You will find the BMWi authorities’ guide...

... online at the BMWi or as an app in the App Store, also available from Google Play.

Data you need to provide

To ensure that the tool generates your personal authorities’ guide and that it can provide you with answers to the aforementioned questions, you need to enter the following data:

  • Nationality
  • Legal form of your start-up
  • Industry/profession
  • Business location postcode

Specific individual queries

If, for example, you are searching for the address of the specific authority, a particular contact person or if you are seeking advice and support, you can also raise a specific query on the homepage.